Welcome travelers! I am Shara, scion of Amber! You do know what Amber is, do you not? Let me quote to you the writings of the Shadowmaster Ghaleon:

"At one end of reality is Chaos, an eternal, ever changing spiral the broken bits and pieces of worlds eternally colliding. At the other is Amber, serene and beautiful, surrounded by the sea and forest. In Amber lies the Pattern, the symbol of Order. Only those of the Royal blood may transverse this spiral and live. In Chaos, is the Logrus, an ever changing labyrinth of twists and turns which may be undertaken by any who posses the ability to shape shift. Children of order, children of light, Pattern walkers. Creatures of Chaos, children of darkness, Logrus masters. Between the two stretches Shadow, an infinite number of worlds, of dreams, of magic. The balance between Chaos and Order is delicate and has been broken by Corwin, Prince of Amber who created his own symbol of Order, his own Pattern, in Shadow. And so the war begins....."

Amber, friends, is the center of reality. Your world and all others are but imperfect reflections of her greatness.

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