Krisilyn daughter of Gerard played by ME! Sarah Elizabeth Holding ^-^ (I also happen to be one of the GM's in this crazy game)

Andrew, son of Gerard, twin brother to Krisilyn played by Ky Corey(the other GM!)

Adamantis, son of Eric, played by "Chance" Michaels

Dellen, son of Delwin, played by Laura Ashley Ross

Cyanne, daughter of Caine, played by Sabrina Wane

Margo, daughter of Julian, played by Kade

Drew(Yes! Someone acctually played him!) was represented first by Deric, second by Lisa, and third by Mina Tsunio (Now you know why Drew showed up so sporadicly...........)

NPC's(mentioned in my diary) that weren't out of Zelazny's books:

M'Ky - my full brother
Ronin - A Chaosite
Sorzant - Brand's son - not a very nice guy

Well, those are the important ones anyway.

The game's format was based losely on the WoD(World of Darkness) system involving "cabals", "packs", "oathmates", and so on. Basically, all the characters(with the exception of Drew) started the game knowing one another and being in league with each other. Of course, that certainally dosen't rule out the fact that one of the group could be serectly plotting against the others or the fact that some of them don't get along very well.

This was played in a combination of chat room gaming sessions and e-mail. It was a lot of fun and the result was pretty comic moments as well as the nice, emotional ones.

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