Krisilyn's Diaries:

Part 1 - Into the Fire

Part 2 - Flashback of the Past and a Mission for the Future

Part 3 - Meet Cousin Drew

Part 4 - A Not-So-Unexpected Danger

Part 5 - "Help! Someone's Trying to Murder the King!"

Part 6 - The Lords of Chaos

Part 7 - Dream and Memory

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If you like reading these please let me know!
I'm having to re-write all of these off print outs, so I learn that someone enjoys reading them it will be good encouragement!

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Hi! I'm Neko!
You probably didn't know it, but Kris' had a pet just like me when she was a little girl!
She took very good care of me(fed me lots and lots of carrots ^-^) so now I'm returning the favor by watching over her web pages!

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