Name: Shantilli(pronounced shawn-til-e) Normally, she goes by "Shawn" or "Shawna"

Hair: long(almost to her waist), straight, chestnut colored (Normally worn in a braid)

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5' 8"

Build: muscular, but not overly so

Clothing Style: Light armor in battle; jeans and a T-shirt for relaxation; a skirt and blouse if formality is required

Colors: Navy and lavender

Trump Description: Shown from the thigh up, Shantilli is wearing azure leather armor. Her sword, Talshan, hangs from her side, it's sapphire studded hilt glinting in an un-known light. The sheath is interlaced with a complex diamond design of lavender. Her arms are folded and she is smiling, head slightly tilted. Her long, chestnut colored hair is braided and hanging over her left shoulder. From each of her ears dangles a lavender star.

PERSONALITY: Often thought as naive and sarcastic, Shawna knows the rules as well as any of her kin. Everything can be used against someone else, as can everyone. Though she doesn't act on it(unless it suits her purposes), she watches and listens and waits, acquiring tid bits of information and hording them away to be used at the proper time, should it ever come about. With an unusual sense of humor and an almost acidic personality, she has been known, more than once in fact, not to her revenge through words, but through other, far more impractical methods(like the time she filled Flora's closet with clothing that had been out of fashion for over a century, or when she put a boa constrictor, lovingly named "Honey Bun", in Julian's bed(he still hasn't forgotten that one.......)) Somehow, though, she has always managed to get her relatives to like her again =)


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