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Shantilli, Daughter of Benedict

About Shawna - her appearance, personality, and trump description.
To Read Shawna's history(told by her) please go here
Shawna's Diary:
One: It Came From Flora's Bedroom.......

Cheyanne, daughter of Benedict

Cheyanne's Diary

Kayleen, daughter of Brand

An Enemy of An Enemy


I have two "articles" poking fun at everyones favorite DRPG up at ShadowNet:
You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Amber When.....
The Amber Drinking Game

I also have a Final Fantasy 3(6 in Japan) Amber crossover starring the forementioned Shawna. It is located on Todd Rickle's Amber Page. To go to it directly click here.

NOTE: All these characters are now NPC's from defunct games.

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