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Shannon is Fiona's daughter in the E-Mail campaign known as Strange Bedfellows run by Jvstin.

Shannon's Diaries:

1 - To Sleep, Perchance To Dream
2 - Trumps and the Library
3 - A Special Kind of Magic
4 - The Discussion of the Dreams
5 - The Poetry of Dreams
6 - The Disturbance of the Pattern
7 - Enemy From the Past
8 - Into the Unknown
9 - Welcome to Castle Crimson
10 - The Faded Pattern
11 - Return To Amber
12 - Meeting With Mother
13 - A Midnight Snack
14 - Kyle's Return To Amber
15 - Brand vrs. The Genies
16 - Chaos and A Brain Surgeon
17 - Redhead Reunion
18 - Magic and Mayhem
19 - Trouble In Forest Arden
20 - Broken Mind

My computer and my IP are arguing with each other whenever I try to upload new diaries9Too big, I guess) When I get a chance, I'll be uploading them as Text files.

Also, I am well aware that psychic conversations tend to jump between * and **
If I have the time, maybe I'll fix this someday.

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