This is the Garden of my castle. It is commonly referred

to as "The Garden of Anime" for the paths will

lead you wondrous worlds of love and laughter;

struggle and strife; and, most importantly, Magic.

There are two ways to experience the garden. One

is to travel the path. To do so, please continue on.

However, if you have come to my Castle looking

for a specific realm in The Garden of Anime go

to the Teleportation Pool where you can travel

to any realm instantaneously.


I'll leave you now my friend. Be safe as

you wander the paths of my garden.

Other worlds await....

As you start your trip you pause to smell the carnations.

Their sweet scent nearly overpowers your senses

and you feel rather dizzy. You stop for a moment,

closing your eyes while you shake your head, trying

to clear it. When you looks up you are surprised to

see a gate five feet in front you.

"That wasn't here before!" You exclaim. Cautiously

you approach the wooden structure. The door is blackened,

as if it has been scorched by fire. You touch the wood

and some ash comes off on your fingers. Beneath the char

marks, however, you are able to make out these words,

"Woe be it to all who enter here, for this is the work

of the Dragonslave, a spell of black magic. This

spell was the work of Lina Inverse, sorceress

supreme, and her friends who all are a part of

the group we call The Slayers."

You turn away from the blackened gate and continue

down the path. Suddenly, a gleaming bird of fire

- a peacock, perhaps? or a phoenix? - startles you as

flies on to the path, emerging from a group of shrubs

to your left. The creature is magnificent and you begin to

follow it down the path, working up a sweat as you do

so. You round a bend and fear you've lost the creature.

However, off to one side you a see a door carved from

alabaster set into an ivy covered wall. Curious, you step

closer and study the door. There are no handles, but you

see an intricate engraving in the middle. There is a great

serpent coiled around a bird of fire. You look closer and

discover that it is indeed the strange creature you were

following. They are locked in combat, but it is impossible

to tell whose winning. You reach one hand out and touch

the carving, falling back as the door unexpectedly flies

open. Within there is light from a pale bulb. You seem

to have entered a library of some sort. Near the doorway,

on the floor, is a worn tome. You peer at it and are to

make out it's title "The Four Gods Sky And Earth."

Beneath that, in small script, reads, "Fushigi Yuugi."

As you leave the white door that leads to the strange library

you pass a carpet of roses. They are perfect in every way,

however, they are not growing there. It's as if someone

gathered thousands of roses and laid them out as a

blanket on either side of the path. As you turn another

corner, fascinated by the flowers, you see a woman lying

in a coffin. Near her, among the roses, stands a dark haired

man smoking a cigarette. He turns and watches you

approach, saying nothing. When you stop to peer in the

coffin he says, "Her name was Angel." Startled, you look

away dead girl and towards the man. "My name is Ky,"

he says. "I can tell you more about her, if you like.

Or I can talk about other things." He gives a lazy shrug.

"There are lots of stories I can tell." He walks towards

you, crushing flowers beneath his feet. He stops and offers

you his hand. Will you dare to follow Ky into the world

of Ice Blade(Jiraishin)?

Your footsteps sound silently on the gray stone walk.

You continue on, for how long you do not know,

but suddenly you are faced with....something different.

In the center of the path is a small white creature

who seems to be a cross between a rabbit and

a bat. "Hello," the creatures chirps, flapping it's

tiny wings and rising in the air 'till it's eye level with

you. "I am Babbit," he says, grinning inanely. "Are

you a friend of Sana-chan's?" Slowly, you shake your

head. "Well surely you've heard of her," the tiny

creature continues. "She's a star!" He flies over and

grabs you sleeve with his tiny arms. "Come on!

She's filming now! We'll go visit her on the set of

Kodomo No Omocha(Child's Toy)!"

With a little bit of trouble(and a lot of whining on the

part of the so called "Babbit") you continue through

the garden. The flowers are thick here, but so are

the bushes. Vivid groups of blood colored tulips

appear sporadically on the roadside. Then you see

something off to the left. Cautiously, you

veer from the path and head towards it. The afternoon

sunlight bounces off a clear pool of water. You kneel

by the pool and consider drinking. Suddenly, something

leaps to the surface, splashing you with drops of water.

The creature hangs in the air momentarily, surrounded

by a mysterious light. It appears to be a woman. You

watch as she falls back into the water and you

realize that it was no woman you just saw, but

a mermaid. You move to the edge of the pool. The

strange light still radiates from the depths and you

see a slender, blood stained hand beckoning you

from below. Are you brave enough to experience

the horrors of Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Saga?

You make your way form the pool back to the path

and continue on. The blood colored tulips have

been replaced by evenly spaced rows of yellow and

black flowers. The flowers are sparse at first, but

grow in size and number as you continue down

the trail. From around the bend in the path you

here a shrill female voice calling, "Darling! Darling!"

You turn the corner and see a pretty young woman

wearing a bikini that is coordinated with the flowers.

Her long green hair hangs free and from her head

protrude two perfect, tiny horns. Before you can

hazard a guess at who or what she is she flies

towards you and grabs your shoulders. "Have you

seen my, Darling?" she asks. If you'd like to help

her search visit Darling! A Lum Urusei Yatsura Page.

Politely, but firmly, you bid the odd bikini clad girl

good bye. The yellow and black flowers fade, replaced

by odd spiral designs of pink and white. Suddenly,

a girl falls from the sky and lands right on top of

you! "Ah! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!" The girl

struggles to get off of you and begins to bow in

apology. She is dressed in an odd black uniform with

a star in the middle. On her head is a tall black hat

with a pink ribbon the same color as her pants. In

one hand she holds a broom(with a strange cushion

attached to it) and in the hand a wand shaped like

a duck. "I'm so clumsy!" the exclaims. "I'm still trying

to get flying right....." she mumbles in a apology.

"You see I'm a member of

The Magic Users Club(Mahou Tsukai Tai)

at school and I was out practicing when I fell on you!"

Overhead you feel a swish of air. Glancing up you

see another girl(wearing a similar uniform - only hers

is yellow) astride a broom. "Sae! We're going to be late

for the club meeting!" "Ah! Coming Nanaka!" The girl

offers one more apology before mounting her broom

and, after a wobbly start, flying away with the other girl.

Suddenly, an angel on a cloud appears!

"Hi! I'm Lita! I'm the Keeper of this Garden!

I'm afraid the rest of the path is under repair

right now. Someone left the door to the realm of the

Slayers open and Amelia reeked havoc with a

mis-cast earthquake spell......

As it is, I can teleport you directly to the other parts of

the garden or back to the Castle. It's your choice."


Ascot, of Magic Knight Rayearth is a friend

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