Real Name: Unknown

Age: 34

Birthday: November 21

Star Pattern: Scorpius

Height: 213 centimeters

Bloodtype: Unknown

Birthplace: Penal settlement in the northern part of Hokkankoku

Family: None(an orphan)

Hobby: Eating human flesh(cannibalism)

Powers/Abilities: Can change into a wolf(werewolf)

Ashitare is the one sent to do the dirty work when no else is willing. Nakago keeps him on a tight leash. Ashitare is a rather tragic creature. Not fully human, yet unfit to be called a wolf he lives at Nakago's beck and call. Ashitare has a mind nearly akin with that of an animal, giving him a short term memory and a undying devotion to his master, Nakago, who often beats him.

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