Real Name: Saihitei Seishuku

Age: 18

Birthday: April 2

Star Pattern: Hydra

Height: 182 centimeters

Bloodtype: A

Birthplace: Capitol of Konan Country

Family: Two Older Brothers and 1 Younger Brother as well as 2 Younger Sisters(Those sword skills must have come in handy when the succession came up.....)

Hobbies: Reading; Fashion

Powers/Abilities: Great Swordsman

All his life the young prince Saihitei was lonely. He dreamed of the day when the girl would come from the other world, because he hoped that she could make him happy. Fiercely loyal to Miaka, he would give his own life to protect her. However, their romance is doomed from the start, for Miaka loves Tamahome. However, she tries to respect Hotohori and understand his feelings for her. When Miaka is forced to leave Hotohori she gives him her teddy bear to remember her by.......

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