This is a story about a girl who acquired the seven Seishi of Suzaku.
She gained omnipotent power and made every wish come true.
The story itself is an incantation.
Whomever finishes reading it will receive this power. As soon as the page is turned, the story will become the truth, and begin.

And so our story begins..........
Miaka Yuuki, a third year Jr. High student, finds a book written in Chinese. She and her best friend, Yui(pictured left), are drawn into the book. However, Yui is soon cast out and reads along as Miaka travels through a world akin to ancient China.
Filled with romance, magic, and heartbreak Fushigi Yuugi is a beautiful fairy tale-like story.
Shortly after finding herself trapped in the book, Miaka meets Tamahome, a wandering, money hungry, martial arts expert.
Both of them are arrested and brought before the Emperor, Hotohori, who reveals that Miaka is the girl of legend - the one destined to become Suzaku no Miko.
Miaka learns from him that the only way for her to go home is to gather together the seven Seishi of Suzaku and call upon the god who will then grant her three wishes.
Each of the Seishi has a mark upon their body - the name of one of the heavenly constellations.

(character for "ogre" also known as "Tamahome")

Through powerful magic Miaka is allowed to return to Tokyo. Once there, however, she discovers that Yui-chan is missing and realizes that her friend was pulled into the book! Miaka returns to the library and opens "The Four Gods Sky and Earth" determined to return and find her friend. Months have passed in the World of the Four Gods while it's only been 24 hours in Tokyo. Miaka's love, Tamahome, has left in search of wealth. Traveling with another Suzaku Seishi, Nuriko, Miaka finds Tamahome and meets a strange priest with mysterious powers. She then leaves them and enters Koutu Country where she believes Yui to be. She finds Yui in the care of Nakago, the Shogun. Yui agrees to leave with her friend until she overhears Miaka telling Tamahome that the only reason she returned was to be with him. Yui, who is also in love with Tamahome, is not only hurt, but believes that Miaka did not return to help her at all. Enraged, she becomes Seiryuu no Miko, Suzaku no Miko's enemy.
And so the battle begins, friend against friend, in a race to see who can gather their Seishi and summon their deity first.
Meanwhile, back on Earth, Miaka's brother, Keisuke, is following his sister's adventures by reading "The Four Gods Sky and Earth." As he reads, a darker, more sinister tail unfolds, as he learns the truth of those who were Miko's before Miaka and Yui. For once the three wishes have been granted, the Miko is no more.......

Above: A Picture of Yui with the Serpent God, Seiryuu. Below: Miaka, Tamahome, and Suzaku.

The Suzaku Seishi:


The Seiryuu Seishi:


The Miko's:

Suzaku no Miko
Seiryuu no Miko

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