Real Name: Miaka Yuuki

Age: 15

Birthday: May 12

Height: 158 centimeters

Bloodtype: B

Birthplace: Tokyo

Family: Mother and Father(divorced) and one older brother

Hobbies: Reading manga; Eating; Tamahome!

Powers/Abilities: Um......



Miaka is the ill-fated heroine of our story. Destined for tragic love, triumph, and the power of a God, she becomes Suzaku no Miko in hopes of passing her high school entrance exam. However, as time goes on, she wants to summon Suzaku in order to reconcile with her best friend, the estranged Yui-chan, who has become Seiryuu no Miko. Miaka is impulsive(stealing fish), kind hearted(helping Genrou), and a bit clumsy(um....this happens about fifty times every episode =) Why she is popular among all the men, I'll never know.

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