Real Name: His mother, I believe, calls him Nakago in the flashback

Age: 25

Birthday: November 17

Star Pattern: Scorpius

Height: 193 centimeters

Bloodtype: Unknown

Birthplace: The West; is of the Hin Tribe

Family: None(an orphan)

Hobby: Threatening and picking on Tamahome; Trying to become a God; Tormenting Miaka; Soi's body.....

Powers/Abilities: Is a general with two-thirds of the Koutou army in his control; Can control life energy(chi) and use psychokinesis

Nakago was born into the Hin Tribe, which was destroyed by Koutu's forces. Nakago was a small child then and he watched as the soldiers attacked his mother. In a moment of panic he sent forth a powerful burst of chi which killed his mother and the soldiers both. He was later brought before the Emperor who recognized him to be one of the Seiryuu Seishi. The Emperor raised Nakago and had him trained in warfare. He later appointed him as the shogun of the realm.

Nakago saved Yui when she was attacked by men during her second trip into the book. He then proceeded to manipulate her emotions and set her against Suzaku no Miko, Miaka. When Yui became Seiryuu no Miko she said that she would give Nakago one wish of the three Seiryuu would grant her. He asked her to make him a God. He asked for this because he wished to take control of the World of the Four Gods. Later, after seeing Earth through one of Tomo's shins, he decided that he would rather have that world instead.

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