Real Name: Chou Ryuuen

Age: 18

Birthday: March 10

Star Pattern: Hydra

Bloodtype: B

Birthplace: Eiyou, the capitol of Konan

Family: Mother and Father; One older brother; One younger sister(deceased)

Hobbies: Being Fashionable; Dressing as a women; Hotohori-sama!

Powers/Abilities: Incredible Strength

Nuriko is one of the most interesting of the Suzaku Seishi. A cross dresser who falls first for Hotohori, then for Miaka, Nuriko is compulsive and loyal 'till the end. He also, at one point, pretends to have a crush on Tamahome, but this is just to annoy Miaka. Despite this, Nuriko and Miaka become friends. Nuriko is very loyal and brave(not to mention strong!)

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