My Thoughts On The Ending Of

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi was an incredible show. I'll admit, there were some parts where I went, "Gee, this is lame" but all and all, I loved it. It is my all time fav anime series and I'm loaning my tapes out to anyone who will take them, trying to get them hooked as well.
One of the things that has always endeared me to Japanese fantasy anime is the fact that they are not afraid to hurt/main/rape/kill their characters. Back when Record of Lodoss War was first out I watched it and was truly impressed by the fact that by the end of the series one of the main characters was dead, another possessed by an evil force. You just don't see that in American cartoons or even in most American movies. Because of this I wasn't all that surprised when FY characters began to die off. Sometimes it was unexpected, other times you saw it coming from a mile away(wasn't that bit with Chiriko soooooo predictable?)
There were only a few things I didn't like about the series, one of them being the fact that Miaka managed to summon Suzaku, ask for all three wishes, then still be saved from being consumed by the God. Yui was NOT that much weaker than her!

My Thoughts of Each Character At The End of The Series:

Amiboshi - A bit of a wimp, but likeable none the less. I can see why he hated war after what happened to his parents. I especially liked the bit where he said, "It feels like a part of me has gone. No, more like it's returned." I thought that was very emotional.

Ashitare - I felt sorry for this guy. Sure, he killed Nuriko and all, but he spent most of his life at Nakago's beck and call. He then loses his human form and still takes the shinzaho and gives it to Nakago, who promptly kills him for his efforts. It's a sad and pathetic existence which ended horribly and unfairly.

Chichiri - One of the few who survived, I like Chichiri. He seems to lose some of his comical nature about half way through the series, but the show does take on a darker light, so that's understandable. Nice to see he's taking care of Tama-chan after Mitsukake's death.

Chiriko - I'm sorry to say it, but the only good thing this guy did was die. He was pretty useless throughout the entire series(and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so), but his death was truly a work of art. It's sad to think of a young child offered the chance to save himself, but knowing he can't because if he does he'll save a strong piece of evil as well. The fact that Chiriko, obviously mature for his age, had the strength to not only defeat Miboshi, but slay himself and reject Mitsukake's offer to save him shows true courage.

Hotohori - Ultimately tragic. He spends over thirty episodes chasing after Miaka, knowing all along that her heart belongs to Tamahome. Finally, he accepts this fact and finds another girl to marry and is, it seems, almost happy. Then he goes to war, expecting a child in the months ahead, and watches as Miaka, whom he never stopped loving, disappears, cast back to her own world. Still, he fights on, learning in the end that all the destruction, death, and carnage is nothing but a ploy so that Nakago can take the throne of Kutou. Finally, Hotohori falls, his last thoughts and words of Miaka, whom he could never love as he had hoped.

Miaka, Suzaku no Miko - Despite her obviously cliche anime flaws(being clumsy and eating too much) I liked Miaka. Though she did bug me. Like that time after she thinks Nakago raped her and Tamahome says that it doesn't matter to him and she runs off anyway. Stupid! However, she is incredibly loyal Yui. Most people would have given up or at least surcome to anger after being slapped in the face so many times, but Miaka just kept on going, trying to make things right.

Miboshi - I really don't have many nice things to say about Miboshi. It's because of him Chiriko died. Tatara, too. And the high priest. Still, he was loyal to Seiryuu no Miko and powerful and smart.

Mitsukake - You have to have pity for this guy. Here he is, a doctor, and while he's gone his true love passes on, only to the re-born as a demon, who later dies the final death in his arms. Myojuan's death, however, was masterfully written. Unable to stand the suffering around him, he uses the last of strength to heal those who were suffering.

Nakago - I never stopped loving Nakago. Even when he killed Ashitare, even when he "raped" Miaka, even when the bastard ordered the death of Tamahome's family I just couldn't bring myself to hate this guy. He's a combination or tragedy, power, and ambition thrown through the blender a few times. As a small child he watched as soldiers raped his mother then, in panic, emitted a chi blast which killed all of them. He then goes to live with the Emperor who molests him. No wonder this guys a tad psycho! Look at all that he endured as a child.

Nuriko - Lots of people like Nuriko and while he wasn't all that bad, he wasn't one of my favs. I admit, I cried my eyes out when Ashitare killed him. He was a bit of comic relief which appeared through out the first half of the series. Why he fell in love with Miaka I'll never know.....

Soi - Tragic. She loved Nakago so much and, while I think he realized what she meant to him AFTER she died, Nakago never once said the words she longed to hear. In fact, he flat out told her that he didn't think a women existed anywhere who could make him truly happy. Despite that she loved him. In fact, she gave her life for him. Poor, poor Soi.

Suboshi - I had a love/hate relationship with this guy. I felt sorry for him when Amiboshi "died", then I hated his guts when he murdered Tamahome's family. Then, after seeing how devoted he was to Yui, I really liked him and felt sorry for him because Yui obviously did not share his feelings. His death was wonderful. It was just and, while I felt sorry for him, he had it coming.

Tamahome - The light of the party, the money hungry guy who every girl is in love with......Tamahome, Seishi of Suzaku, love of Miaka. Tamahome is cool. Even when he was evil he was cool. 'Nuff said.

Tasuki - Tasuki-sama! My ultimate favorite character in all anime! This guy was the coolest Seishi ever! He didn't take anything from anybody and he had the nifty iron fan which spewed fire on command. On top of that, he had the honor of surviving. One thing that always puzzled me though - Why he didn't go back to be leader of the bandits after Miaka went home? Instead he goes traveling with Chichiri(amusing as it was....)

Tomo - This guy was weird, but in a good way. He loved Nakago, but Nakago took no notice. Tomo was quite powerful and enjoyed tormenting his prey through illusions, which I thought was pretty interesting. I did not see his death coming ::sob::

Yui, Seiryuu no Miko - Despite that fact that many people just want to "slap Yui upside the head" I really liked her. Taking into account how the Japanese feel about virginity, Yui has damn good reason to be angry with Miaka, especially after hearing that Miaka came back for Tamahome. Yui was certain her life was over, she even attempted suicide, then she turned her focus to her faith in her best friend. That faith was utterly crushed when she over heard Miaka and Tamahome talking. On top of all that she had a major crush on Tamahome! Cut the girl some slack! Sure she's vindictive, but don't hate her for it.....

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