Real Name: Kaen Haku

Age: 19

Birthday: October 30

Star Pattern: Scorpius

Height: 170 centimeters

Blood Type: O

Birthplace: Genson of Nei Tribe, a satellite state of Kouto

Family: Had parents, but was sold to a brothel when young

Hobbies: Using make-up; Nakago!

Powers/Abilities: Controlling lighting and electromagnetism in the atmosphere and knowledge of various sexual techniques

For better or for worse, Soi is in love with Nakago. When she was young, she ran away from the brothel, but they caught her. Nakago saved her from having to go back. She has been in love with him ever since. Nakago, however, had a very tragic childhood of his own and doesn't seem to know how to return Soi's affection. However, it is obvious that he trusts her more than most people. By the end of the series, it seems, that Nakago finally comes to terms with what Soi really means to him. Tomo also likes Nakago. Soi and him dislike each other because of this.

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