Real Name: Shunkaku Bu

Age: 15

Birthday: August 26

Star Pattern: Virgo

Height: 168 centimeters

Bloodtype: A

Birthplace: Tenryo, San'un Province, Kouto

Family: Has a twin brother, Amiboshi; Parents were killed in civil war.

Hobby: Exercising

Powers/Abilities: Can control "ryuseisui," a weapon, by psychokinesis.
Suboshi was raised by his older twin brother, Amiboshi. Because of this, Suboshi is very protective of his older brother. Unlike Amiboshi, Suboshi often acts without thinking first. He has a tendency to be violent and vengeful. Suboshi is in love with Seiryuu no Miko, Yui, and seeks to protect her. After the apparent death of his brother, Suboshi makes it his goal to destroy the Suzaku Seishi and Suzaku no Miko.


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