Real Name: Kou Shun'u

Also Known As: Genrou, Gen-chan, Fang Boy

Age: 17

Birthday: April 18

Star Pattern: Crater

Height: 178 centimeters

Bloodtype: B

Birthplace: Konan Country

Family: Mother and Father and Five Older Sisters

Hobbies: Arguing and Brawling

Powers/Abilities: Owns a tessen which throws flames on command

Genrou was once a member of the Mt. Leika bandits. He was the favorite of their leader. He went away for a while and when he returned he learned the old leader had passed away. Eiken, a fellow bandit, had assumed Genrou's place of leadership and claimed the treasure of the tessen for his own. One night Genrou burst in on him and found him with Miaka. Not knowing their relationship, he kidnapped Miaka as a form of payback. Miaka agreed to help him and his best friend, Koji, in taking back control of the bandits. Later, Miaka and her Seishi discover that Genrou is actually the Suzaku Seishi, Tasuki. Tasuki is very loyal and does not take betrayal lightly. Also, he puts up a coarse, hard front, but when faced with death he cries as much as Miaka, proving that is really very sensitive underneath it all.

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