Real Name: Chuin Ruo

Age: 21

Birthday: October 13

Star Pattern: Libra

Height: 184 centimeters

Bloodtype: AB

Birthplace: Unknown

Family: Unknown

Hobby: Threatening people and picking on others; is a homosexual

Powers/Abilities: Can make people have hallucinations and see illusions by using a "shin"(hard clam)

Tomo is very secretive and enjoys torturing people. Like Nakago, he seems to get a kick out of tormenting the Suzaku Seishi, Tamahome. Tomo likes Nakago, so he and Soi don't get along very well. Tomo is able to create complex illusions. He once entrapped nearly all of the Suzaku Seishi in a mirage in the desert. That illusion consisted of an entire town filled with people, food, water, plants, etc.....He even made Tasuki(a.k.a. Genrou) think he was drunk! His illusion was good enough to fool even Chichiri, perhaps the best user of chi among the Suzaku Seishi. Tomo's illusions are created by the means of clam shells, also known as "shins." While entrapping Suzaku No Miko, Miaka, in a complex illusion he recorded bits of pieces of her world from a dream she was having about Tokyo. These images are what made Nakago decide to dominate the "real" world.

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