Real Name: Yui Hongo

Age: 15

Birthday: October 26

Height: 162 centimeters

Bloodtype: AB

Birthplace: Tokyo

Family: Father and Mother

Hobbies: Reading mysteries and listening to music

Powers/Abilities: Excellent academic and athletic achievements; Can speak English; Can read Chinese characters

Yui has been Miaka's best friend since kindergarten. As children, they often competed against one another. One of the proposed races was to see who could get a cute boyfriend first. Upon entering the World of the Four Gods, Yui and Miaka met Tamahome. For Yui it was love at first sight. Later, when she learned that Miaka and Tamahome loved one another, she became determined to break them up. Yui is a bit obsessive in this. However, it's nice to know that she doesn't do this simply to get revenge on Miaka. Yui truly is in love(infatuated) with Tamahome. Sadly, this love does seem to turn into a simple want for revenge. Still, Yui suffered(or so she thought....) when she entered Kouto Country and turned her anger first against herself and later, Miaka. Yui has a kind heart, though. She was eventually able to see through her anger and see that Miaka truly was her friend. She even thought well of Nakago at the end of things.

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