A quickie guide to the names and faces which make Ice Blade so special =)

Major Characters

Ky - the tough-as-nails cop who is the main character in our story
Mack - Ky's partner; He has a wife and is very kind
Nader - the chief of Ky's department

Minor Characters

Angel - a suicidal young women who Ky saved; She now loves him
Bruno - Angel's tough brother
Endler - a cop with the foreign affairs division
Kai - the boss of the Kunashi Island smuggling ring
Kent - a puppet killer for Kuz Noda
Klauf - Works for Kai; Brother to Nina
Kuz Noda - Gangster
Mr. Shonn - Angel and Bruno's father
Nina - Sister to Klauf; Sugita's Girlfriend
Sage - Endler's source; a freelance reporter
Sugita - Nina's Boyfriend; left Kunashi Island

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