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Ice Blade, known as Jiraishin in Japan, is published in the monthly Japanese magazine Afternoon. There are currently twelve manga collections and the comic is still being published. There is, at this time, no anime series =( Let's all keep our fingers crossed. The story is available in America(in English) through Mixx Zine. However, single stories are no longer being published. Two English graphic novels are available.

It is the story of a cold, perceptive homicide cop, Ky.

Summaries of the stories published in Mixx Zine:

File 1: Doll

Main Characters: Ky; Nader; Kuz Noda(gangster); Kent(Kuz's "son");

With the death of a man under suspicion of illegal narcotics, the police lose their only chance to grab the Kingpin, Kuz Noda. The assassin is identified as a blond man with blue eyes. After some investigative work, Ky discovers that he is the son of one of Kuz's old mistress's. Kent, the assassin, is hunted down by Ky who shows him that Kuz is using him. Angered, Kent goes to kill Kuz, ultimately squaring off with Ky.

File 2: Blue Sea and Red Thorns

Main Characters: Ky; Angel(a depressed young women); Bruno(Angel's brother); Chief of Police; Mr. Shonn(Angel and Bruno's father); Mack(Ky's partner); Mack's wife;

Five years after saving a suicidal young girl, Ky busts her for murder, ignoring her love for him. While in jail, she dies. Her brother, knowing Angel's love for Ky, wants to hurt him the way he hurt Angel. He goes on a killing spree across the city, finally capturing Mack's wife. Ky goes to save her, confronting Bruno for a final time.

File 3: Blood Brothers of The Snow part 1

Main Characters: Ky; Sugita; Nina(Klauf's sister, Sugita's girl friend); Klauf; Mack; Nader; Endler(cop with foreign affairs division)

Sugita is caught by Klauf, who has come to take Sugita and Nina both back to "The Island." Klauf arranges to meet Sugita and get "it" back, promising not only to allow Nina to live, but to pay for Sugita's Mother's surgery. On the way out of his hotel Sugita is arrested by Ky. Endler and his partner come, wanting to take jurisdiction of the Sugita Case. Ky won't let the boy go so easily. Klauf comes to kill Sugita before he can talk to the cops and ends up killing Endler's partner as well.

File 4: Blood Brothers of the Snow part 2

Main Characters: Ky; Endler; Sage(a freelance reporter); Kai; Nina

Ky and Endler go to Kunashi Island, determined to put down the smuggling operation there. On their way they meet up with Sage, a reporter who is Endler's source. Ky and Endler pay for a ride to Kunashi Island on a boat. When they arrive on the island Sage is taken captive and the two cops are ordered to leave their weapons behind. They are taken to the island's leader, Kai, who tells them his reasons for killing Sugita.

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Cassiel, who has been more than generous with information and pic's, translated the titles to each of these form the original Japanese comics. Visit her Jiraishin page.

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