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Ice Blade, known as Jiraishin in Japan, is published in the monthly Japanese magazine Afternoon. There are currently twelve manga collections and the comic is still being published. There is, at this time, no anime series =( Let's all keep our fingers crossed. The story is available in America(in English) through Mixx Zine. However, single stories are no longer printed. There are two graphic novels available in English from Mixx.

It is the story of a cold, perceptive homicide cop, Ky.

Summaries of the stories published in Mixx Zine:

File 5: Blood Brothers of the Snow part 3

Main Characters: Ky; Endler; Kai; Klauf; Sage

Kai shows Ky and Endler a trio of Ex-Soviet Nuclear Scientists - the reason Kunashi Island is at war with the Russian Mafia. These scientists have discovered how to make the neutron bomb. Kai asks Ky and Endler to take them to Japan to protect them. Klauf tells the two cops the story of Kunashi Island and it's involvement as a smuggling port. Endler decides to take the law into his own hands and tries to arrest Klauf. Sage is killed and Klauf wounded.

Note: Mixx Zine vol. 1-6 does not contain an Ice Blade story. Instead it features the first installment of Harlem Beat. The next installment of Ice Blade is found in Mixx Zine vol. 2-1

File 6: Blood Brothers of the Snow part 4

Main Characters: Ky; Kai; Endler

Kai explains to Ky that he has a neutron bomb. He tells Ky about the Russian Mafia and how they will soon come across the sea to Kunashi Island, once the weathers clear. There will be a war between the islanders and the Russian Mafia. When it's over, Kai tells Ky that he can arrest him for smuggling, but until then Kai will do all he can to protect Kunashi Island.

File 7: Blood Brothers of the Snow part 5

Main Characters: Ky; Kai; Nina; Klauf

Nina explains to Ky why Klauf kills for Kai and also how she can't forgive him for his part in Sugita's death. The Russia Mafia appears and, after blowing up a small island nearby, send a message by radio to Kai: "Bring the neutron bomb and the Russians." Kai agrees and tells his people the Mafia only wants money. Having determined that the Mafia does not know how many Russians are on the island Klauf and Nina want to go to the ship in disguise. Ky demands that Kai uncuff him and allow to go along - he has a plan.

File 8: Blood Brothers of The Snow part 6(finale)

Main Characters: Ky; Kai; Nina; Klauf; Russian Mafia Men(various)

Kai says he'll take Nina and Ky with him to meet the Russians, but makes secret arrangements with Klauf for something different. Kai wears a bug in order to give Klauf the signal - to ram the Russian boat. Nina tells the Russians the bomb and the scientists were confiscated by the police, showing them Ky's badge. The Russians don't believe it, telling Kai they will search the island for the bomb and the scientists. Klauf hears this and makes his way to a boat. Kai gives the signal and Klauf starts the engine, heading for the Russian boat in a boat filled with explosives. Klauf's boat hits the Russian ship and explodes. There are shots fired and Kai is wounded. Ky kills the Russian who shot Kai. Endler snuck abroad the Russian craft and is killed. The cop from the island saves Nina and Ky from the sinking ship. Kai, mortally wounded, decides to die in the ocean. The island has decided to turn themselves in.

Many thanks go to Cassiel for translating the titles form the original Japanese text. Visit her Jiraishin page here!

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