Kodomo No Omocha

Also Known As "Child's Toy" To The Japanese Impaired ^-^

Sana and Akito welcome you!

Kurata Sana is a child TV star in the series "Child's Toy" as well as several TV commercials and one made-for-TV Movie(where she co-starred with actress Asako Kurumi! =) Sana is impulsive, kind, and some times a little less than....intelligent. She lives with her Mother(an Aoki award winning writer who has a squirrel named Maro-chan living on her head) and her former "pimp"(Sana gave him part of her allowance, so that makes him her pimp, right?) boyfriend Rei-kun(who used to date Asako!) Even though she's a star, Sana attends school. Her class is in utter chaos because the teacher can't control the boys, led by the notorious Hayama Akito.
Hayama isn't a very happy person. His mother died giving birth to him and his sister hates him for it. His Father, too, seems to blame his son for his wife's death and usual ignores the problems with his children by absorbing himself in his work. Hayama's very intelligent and is behind the upheaval in the classroom, being the undisputed leader of the boys(until Sana gets her hands on a certain picture ::cough::cough::) Hayama's best friend is Ohki Tsuyoshi, a small boy with glasses and an unpredictable temper. Tsuyoshi has more than a little crush on Sana, which causes trouble early on in the series when he realizes that Hayama, too, loves the enigmatic Queen of Hyperactivity.

Perhaps the most famous screen shot in all of Kodomo no Omocha! Sana-chan's first kiss(a "fruit juice soaked" one at that =)

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