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Ataru appears to be your average seventeen year old boy. He is, however, one of the unluckiest people to ever be born. He was born on Friday the 13th under a full moon. On the way to the hospital his mother was startled by a black cat, so she ducked under a ladder. Soon after that she bumped into a cart and spilled some salt. Tragically, the cart rolled into a mirror after that.....
Ataru only attracted weirdos and demons at first, but aliens weren't far behind. In fact, it was up to Ataru to win at a game of tag and save the world! Well, he won, but through a mis-understanding he became engaged to Lum, the alien princess. To Lum, Ataru is "Darling," but Ataru has some problems with commitment. His hormones are a little too rampid and his dream is to be master of his own harem. He takes Lum for granted, but deep down he truly loves her. Ataru is a hopeless flirt who will hit on anything in a dress. Ataru never gives up, one of his most endearing traits. Though not always intelligent, Ataru is a caring individual.

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