The Men Who Help, Annoy, or Out Right Hate Ataru Moroboshi!



Shuutarou Mendou, the heir to the Mendou family fortune. He's one of the richest men on the planet; His family owns many parts of Japan and other countries as well. They even have their own army. Mendou is warrior and he tries to live honorably(except, perhaps, in his girl chasing - he's as obsessed with women as Ataru, though a little less pushy....) He is athletic, handsome, chivalrous, and rich - the kinda guy all the girls go crazy over. Mendou has little tolerance for idiots, or men for that matter. Mendou doesn't like Ataru, mainly because Mendou wants Lum and Lum is devoted to Ataru. Despite all odds, Ataru seems to be awful good at beating Mendou at his own game. However, there is one thing Mendou fears - the dark!



Cherry is a monk whose hobbies include eating, free loading, and tampering with Ataru's life. He's very short and has a tendency to pop up when you'd least expect him, often scaring the living daylights out of those around him. He's a doom sayer and more often than not "the mark of doom" is on poor Ataru Moroboshi. However, Cherry's predictions often come true. He thinks of himself as a comedian and often makes bad jokes. When not traveling(or hanging out at Ataru's house) Cherry lives in a vacant lot. Despite the.....difference in appearance, Cherry is Sakura's Uncle, though the two secretly loathe each other.



Handsome and um....handsome. Rei is every women's dream, at least when he's human. Re can change into a bull/tiger beast whose rather goofy looking. Rei isn't very intelligent and his only two loves seem to be food and Lum. Due to his shallow personality, Lum wasn't all that inclined to marry him. Rei, however, pursues Lum with a pathetic stubbornness and breaks up countless other couples along the way. Rei is an Oni, like Lum, but, since he isn't very smart, he can't speak Japanese and knows only a few words. Sadly, Ran loves him despite all his flaws. Rei, however, likes Ran only for her fine cooking......



Jariten, known as "Ten", is Lum's little cousin. Ten is an Oni, like Lum. His powers? He can fly, like his cousin, and breath fire. However, he is young, so his powers don't always work as they should. Ten is very intelligent, though naive. He has an eye for older women and is very cute and quiet around them. Men get a louder, more obnoxious Ten. He came to Earth to meet Lum's husband and was, sadly, disappointed in Ataru. In fact, the two have been at each others throat since day 1. Ten doesn't feel that Ataru is good enough for Lum. Therefore, he decided to stay and keep an eye on them. Lum is like the mother Ten never had and she treats him as if he were her child.



Tobimaro Mizunokouji is the heir to the Mizunokouji sporting goods empire. He also happens to be Shuutarou Mendou's baseball playing, childhood rival. For as long as anyone can remember the Mizunokouji clan and the Mendou clan have been at war with one another. "Shuu-chan" and "Ton-chan" have their own way of fighting - a baseball game to be played every year, their most sacred duel. In-between the games and training many other "duels" take place in order to beat, torment, annoy the other(like stealing Lum's bikini top......) Tobimaro has a special talent - the ability to eat baseballs. Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of eating the game balls. Tobimaro's sister is engaged to Shuutarou Mendou. Tobimaro himself doesn't like women very much, having been warped by Mendou's sister at an early age.



Megane is in love with Lum. His goal in life? To assure Lum's happiness, even if it means letting Ataru have her. He is very intelligent, though a bit obnoxious and he' Megane doesn't handle his emotions very well and he's prone to mild fits of insanity and he likes to scream a lot. He has dedicating his life to admiring Lum(He is an important part of the Lum Fanclub) He tinkers with film, often making movies in which Lum is the heroine.



In anime, it's always the teacher that suffers, isn't it? Onsen is the teacher of homeroom 2-4. Among his students are Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Megane, Mendou, and Ryuunosuke. He puts every ounce of his energy into teaching, but with students like his it's no wonder he can't control them. He's a middle aged, un-married man who has a thing for Nurse Sakura.

[Tsubame With Sakura]


Tsubame is Sakura's fiancÈ. He practices western black magic, much to Cherry's disgust. Tsubame is known to summon "Hollywood" monsters to meet Cherry's Japanese demons. Often, the results of these little magic "games" are disastrous. Tsubame is a bit slow and not very bright. He Sakura seem to truly love one another, though they don't spend much time together, for both are wrapped up in their careers. And, as with any anime, whenever they do have the time to go on a date something happens to mess things up. Part of the problem is that they can never seem to go out without Ataru, Cherry, Lum, etc... tagging along behind them.

[Ataru's Father] [Lum's Father]

The Fathers:

Ataru's father is a wimp. He worries about money a lot(he has to pay for the damage to his house, the neighbor's house, the stores and everything else that gets destroyed when Ataru is even the least bit involved) He hides behind a newspaper and try's to avoid life's troubles, like his bossy wife and idiot son. Lum's father is a great Oni warlord. He's very large and tends to intimidate people, though he doesn't seem to notice. He's very loud and is proud, it seems, to have Ataru as a son-in-law.

[Mandou Screaming]
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