Ataru has had more than a few infatuations with various women. Here, I'll focus on those women closest to our hero's heart......



Lum is an alien who fell in love with the lecherous Ataru. She is Oni(demon) and her father is a powerful space warlord. Lum is often spotted wearing her tiger-striped bikini. If that weren't enough to turn heads, she has the ability to fly and can produce high-voltage electricity "zaks." She is full of sex-appeal and feminine charm. Lum has an explosive temper and an extremely jealous nature(with Ataru as her "darling" how could she not?) Lum is very stubborn, which is the main reason she hasn't given up on Ataru despite his obvious interest in nearly every other woman who crosses his path. Ataru is known only as "Darling" in Lum's eyes and she likes to spend time with him. So much so, that she enrolled in Tomobiki High.



Shinobu has been Ataru's off and on girl friend for quite some time, often breaking up with him when his lust causes him to gravitate towards too many other women. Shinobu is very sweet and kind - most of the time. Years of dating the hapless Ataru have helped add to her explosive temper, with which comes added strength(Warning: Beware of flying desks!) Though Shinobu seems to fall out of love with Ataru, she still clings to him, probably out of the want to spite Lum.

[Nurse Sakura]

"Nurse" Sakura:

Sakura is every school boys fantasy. Sophisticated, beautiful, and intelligent, Sakura is also a "powerful" Shinto priestess. The number of injuries among teenage males and more than tripled since Sakura took over the position of head nurse at the school. Sakura is Cherry's niece and, like her Uncle, she sees bad omens everywhere and is committed to "purifying" poor Ataru. Though she performs exorcisms with her Uncle and shares many of his traits(Sakura can eat MORE than Cherry believe it or not....) she dislikes just as much as everyone else. Fortunately for Sakura, most people don't believe she's related to the monk because she's so gorgeous and Cherry's, well, Cherry. Being so beautiful, Sakura has absolutely no tolerance for lecherous teenage boys, often responding to there "comments" with random acts of violence. Despite all her groupies, Sakura is engaged to Tsumbame, who practices Western Black Magic.

[Princess Kurama]


Kurama is the Princess of an alien race of Crow Goblins. Due to a shortage of human men on her planet, Kurama was placed in cryogenic sleep. While she slept her minions would travel the galaxy in search of a handsome man who would wake her from her sleep. By law, she would then mate with that man. Due to a minor mishap(lets just say "drunken crow-man") the man who awoke Kurama form her slumber was none other than Ataru Moroboshi himself. At first, Kurama tried to "reform" Ataru. She then saw how truly corrupt his mind was and gave up. Now she's just trying to avoid mating with him. Kurama has a severe dislike of Oni.



Oyuki is the Queen of Neptune and a very good friend of Lum. Since Neptune is a planet of snow and ice, Oyuki has control over ice and snow. She also has the ability to create space/time warps to travel from planet to planet, more often than not so she can get rid of some unwanted snow. Oyuki is a very proper, polite young lady. She hardly ever raises her voice and is very kind to others. On the rare occasions when Oyuki losses her "cool" (hah, hah, joke =) all hell breaks loose. The temperature will drop suddenly and ice, wind, and snow will form a incredible blizzard, trapping anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby in a block of ice. Oyuki, Benten, and Lum are very good friends, having attended school together when they were younger.



Benten is a biker babe pure and simple. She wears chains, rides an airbike, swears, and loves a good brawl. Benten is Lum's most loyal friend. Although impulsive, utterly unpredictable, and high spirited, Benten would die to protect her friends. She's highly intelligent and loves war games, probably because she enjoys fighting so much. Benten has a multitude of weapons at her disposal and won't hesitate to call in backup from other star systems. Benten's favorite weapon seems to be the chain she wears around her body. She loves to gamble.



To most Ran seems to be a beautiful, dithering airhead who giggles a lot. But et it it fool you. Ran has a split personality and she's hell-bent on revenge. Ran and Lum were childhood friends and throughout Ran's life she was, directly or indirectly so, jilted or punished because of Lum. Take Rei. Ran loved him, but he loved Lum. Lum then dumps Rei for a human boy(Ataru!) Ran soon began to see Lum as the source of all her problems and became determined to get back at her "friend" by stealing Ataru's youth(which is done through a's a wonder Ran hasn't succeeded yet....) In order to do this Ran disguised herself as a human and enrolled in highschool. She threatened to tell everyone of the time Lum slept at her house and wet the bed should Lum let on that Ran is really an alien. Ran's main goal is to get back at Lum, though she's willing to hurt anyone who gets in her way.



Ryuunosuke appears to be an athletic, attractive, confident young man. There's only one problem - Ryuunosuke's a girl! Though she acts like a boy, talks like a boy, and wears boys clothes, Ryuunosuke one goal is to become more, well, girlish. Nearly everything Ryuunosuke does is boyish, from her short fuse to her love of fights. From birth she's been treated like a man(since her father really, really, really wanted a boy) and she's sick of it. With Ryuunosuke's goal to become more like a women and her father's goal to make her "a man among men" tension between the two is always sky high. In fact, they get in a fight every few minuets. Poor Ryuunosuke's greatest downfall, however, is the fact that she is very, very handsome and attracts more women than even Mendou could hope to.



Ryouko is pretty, well mannered, and the young sister of Shuutarou Mendou. Ryouko was spoiled as a child, given everything she wanted. She's used to getting her way and, like her brother, has more money than anyone can even comprehend. She's easily bored and her only real enjoyment comes from causing trouble. She her kicks through practical jokes, which usually involve grenades, bombs, voodoo dolls, and hidden traps. Her favorite individual to torment is her brother. She'll even flirt with Ataru to annoy her poor older brother. Mendou, however, is very protective of his little sister; Ryouko often uses this to her advantage while planning her tricks. Tobimaro Mizunokoji is her love interest, though he certainly doesn't share her feelings.



Asuka is the armored sister of Tobimaro. She's timid as a mouse, but has the power of Superman. Like her mother, Asuka has superhuman strength, agility, and speed, but her powers almost seemed too advanced for the little girl who wields them. She led a very sheltered life and, due to an *unfortunate* run-in with Ataru, she has a dangerous fear of men. The mere sight of a man will cause her to go berserk and cause massive destruction in order scare away all the men. Asuka's parents arranged a marriage between her and Shuutarou Mendou to unite the two feuding families. Mendou was, at first, opposed to this because Asuka wouldn't take off her armor. However, when the armor fell away and revealed the lovely women within Mendou became a victim of love. He went so far as to fight with Ataru over her.....

[Ataru's Mother] [Ataru Hugging Lum's Mom]

The Mothers:

Ataru's mother is a homemaker. Loud and high-strung, she's often embarrassed by Ataru who is always making the family unpopular with the neighbors and bringing home pests(like Cherry =) Her favorite expression is, "I never should have had you!" and is directed at Ataru. Despite the insults, she still loves Ataru wouldn't be able to stand it if he left the planet. Lum's mother looks like an older, short haired version of her daughter. She doesn't speak a word of Japanese, but her feelings are conveyed quite well through her actions. Like Lum, she has the power to fly and create "zaks" of electricity.

[Lum With Lightning]
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