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Sae, Akane, Nanaka

Akane, Sae, and Nanaka!

Ayanojou takeo

Ayanojou and Takeo!

And last, but certainly not least, Sae's teddy bear, Jeff-kun!


The Story:

One sunny day invaders came from space. They weren't little green men or funny girls wearing school uniforms, though. They were ugly robots which defeated the UN forces in seconds! After that the invaders(known as "eyeballs") roamed around and observed human society. In fact, they were peaceful unless attacked. They were polite and followed all the traffic laws, too. Still, they were aliens and the people of Earth wanted them to go home. The Kitanohashi High School Magic Club took it on themselves to defeat these foul robots and free the world......

Mahou Tsukai Tai is a six volume OAV collection directed by Satou Junichi. It is based on the Manga by Ohta Tami, which was printed in Fantasy DX. The series character design was done by Itou Ikuko.

Character Pages:


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