Name: Sae Sawanoguchi
Age: 16
Birthday: December 31
Blood Type: O

Ever see Sailor Moon? (Of course you have! After all, who hasn't? ^-^ )
Sae is Mahou Tsukai Tai's Usagi(or Serena depending on which you watch).
A *little* bit of a klutz, a daydreamer, and loved by all!
Sae is very kind hearted, though she has trouble using magic(even though hers is often more powerful than the other members). That fact tends to discourage her time after time(especially when Ayanojou refers to her as "a burden"). Sae and Nanaka have been best friends ever since they were little. Nanaka is very supportive of Sae's interest in Takeo-kun, the club president.

Jeff-kun is Sae's teddy bear(and lucky charm, not to mention protector!). Visit his page by clicking here.

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