Rumiko Takahashi's


Nude Mana, Bloody Yuta

Mermaid Forest is 256 pages and was published as a graphic novel by Viz in 1994. It is available through the Viz Catalog for $16.95. If you would like to special order it through a bookstore, the ISBN is ISBN-1-56931-047-5 It is a collection of Mermaid comics previously published by Viz. It contains three complete stories:

A Mermaid Never Smiles - Yuta's travels take him to a strange village beyond the mountains. A village with only women - women who have the same face. All but one - Mana whose feet have been bound her entire life. What is the secret behind these old hags? Why do they know so much about mermaids? And why is Mana so valuable to them......

The Village of the Fighting Fish - Desperately searching for a mermaid, immortal Yuta is drowned and his body washes up on the beach of a small island. The island's young surrogate leader, a women named Rin, promises to help Yuta find a mermaid. But the mysterious Isago is searching for a mermaid, too. Rin kills her she comes back to life.... Is she an immortal, too? Or something far more dangerous? And what of the evil Sakagami Pirates and their search for a mermaid?

Mermaid Forest - More than a little naive, Mana is killed by a truck and her body taken to the Kannagi House. Yuta goes in search of her, but the reach the Kannagi House he must travel through Mermaid Forest....rumor has it there's a mermaid buried somewhere in the forest. But the Kannagi Family has a terrible secret and a bloody past that threatens to reach into the modern world and destroy them. Can Yuta and Mana make it out alive? And what of the mermaid?

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