Rumiko Takahashi's


Mermaid's Gaze is 184 pages and was published as a graphic novel by Viz in 1996. It is available through the Viz Catalog for $15.95. If you would like to special order it through a bookstore, the ISBN is ISB-N-1-56931-195-1 It is a collection of Mermaid comics previously published by Viz. It contains two complete stories:

Mermaid's Gaze - Yuta knew the disturbing truth about the Kiryu mansion when he worked there over half a century ago. Now he and Mana have returned and have come face to face with Shingo, the insane, cruel former master of the mansion. Only he and his sister committed suicide long ago! Just what was the poison Shingo and Akiko used? And if Shingo's alive, does that mean the gentle Akiko is alive, too????

Mermaid's Mask - Yuta and Mana befriend a young boy who was kidnapped from his mother. But just who is she really? And why does she feed her child medicine made from a mermaid? And why does she have more than one face????

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