Mermaid's Scar is 304 pages and was published as a graphic novel by Viz in 1995. It is available through the Viz Catalog for $17.95. If you would like to special order it through a bookstore, the ISBN is ISB-N-1-56931-083-1 It is a collection of Mermaid comics previously published by Viz. It contains four complete stories:

Dream's End - Yuta and Mana come across a lost soul in the forest. His body has been ravaged by the mermaid's flesh, but his mind remains intact. Will Mana be his friend? But then there's his murderous rampages, when he losses control of himself. Will Yuta be forced to kill him in order to save Mana? Or is there another way.....

Mermaid's Promise - Yuta returns to the remains of a village he left behind long ago. But his lost love, Nae, is still alive???? Nae did posses mermaid ashes, but that shouldn't be enough to make you immortal, yet the flowers she spread them on bloom year round. And what's is Nae's decrepit ex-fiancÈ hiding? Can Mana and Yuta save this girl from an obsessed love from over four decades ago?

Mermaid's Scar - A young boy is seemingly trapped in an abusive relationship with his mother, an immortal who has eaten the flesh of a mermaid. But things aren't what they seem and Yuta and Mana find themselves trapped a deadly game where keeping your head will be the most difficult task of all!

The Ash Princess
- While traveling, Yuta meets a pretty girl who eats livers to survive. She's part of a circus act showing a fake mermaid, but why is the monk so intent on destroying her? Is Natsume an eternal child or a demon in human form?

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