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Ascot is a powerful mage - a summoner.

At first I didn't like Ascot much. In fact, I thought he was a real dork. I mean, if I had sent a creature out to kill someone I wouldn't take a nap and wait for it to finish things! However, the more I watched the more I began to sympathize with Zagato's shortest flunky. Why? Well, because of all the reasons people were working for Zagato I thought that Ascot's was the saddest. You see, Ascot's only friends were his creatures, but people were afraid of them and kept hurting them and Ascot and they had no where they could go because they got the same reaction in every town. Zagato promised Ascot that, if he helped him, he and his friends could stay at the castle.

As the series went on my feelings for Ascot became deeper and deeper. He had to defeat the Magic Knights so that he and his friends could live somewhere, but the Magic Knights kept killing his friends.

Heart wrenching, isn't it?

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