"Ekans" Is "Snake" Spelled Backwards!

Welcome friends! This sight is made and managed by his greatness, Ekans!

Since Ekans can't say anything other than his name I, Celes Star, will translate for him(Ekans and I have been friends for quite some time and I communicate with him quite fluently)

And now, what you've all been waiting for: Ekans!

"Hello fellow Pokemon and your Trainers. I am Ekans, a poison Pokemon. I am a beautiful snake who is purple with yellow stripes. My favorite snacks include Pidgey's and their eggs(yum!) I am 2 meters long and weigh 6.9 kilograms. Someday I might evolve into Arbok!

Ekans Slithering Along!

"Many people who watch the cartoon series 'Pokemon'(which stars me and my buddy Koffing as well as the round yellow thing) have the wrong idea about me. True, I have allowed Team Rocket to be my trainers, but I'm not evil. There is no such thing as an evil Pokemon. Only evil trainers. My buddy Koffing and I receive a bad rap, but we really are good Pokemon.

Ekans and Koffing Having Fun!

"Even if they aren't always nice, I love Jessie and James - they're my friends. You could even say I love Meowth....

Ekans Family - Team Rocket!

"Because of my involvement with Team Rocket I have been able to participate in many exciting adventures and have experiences that I'd probably miss if I was living free in the wild.

Ekans and Koffing Are Flying! Let's Go Swimming!

"Also, if I lived in the wild, I never would have met my good friend Koffing since he likes to spend his time chasing Jigglypuff's through caves!

Ekans and Koffing Play Dress-up?!?!?!?

"Well, I hope you enjoyed a look into my life. It's very exciting, as you can see. Now you must excuse me - a Pidgey just flew by the window and he looks like lunch to me....."

Ekans and a new...um...friend?

Hi! Celes Star again......Ekans just slithered out to....um..make a new friend.

Well, if this page hasn't convinced you that Ekans is a great Pokemon(despite his being friends with Team Rocket) maybe the pic below will win you over. After all, would Pikachu like anyone who's a bad guy?!?!?!?

Everyone loves Ekans!

If you're interested, check out these great pic's I've collected of Ekans over the years we've been friends! If you have any pictures of Ekans(or if any of the pictures in this album belong to you) please e-mail me and let me know! I'd love new pictures and if any of these pictures were taken by you, I'll add a link(sorry, but I lost the URLs that these all came from - Ekans ate it)!

On To The Album!

Page 1 - Ekans With His Pals, Team Rocket

Page 2 - Ekans and Koffing

Page 3 - Ekans And His Other Pokemon Friends

Page 4 - Glorious Pictures of Ekans!

Page 5 - Ekans/Arbok Worship Through Fanart

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Cute Ekans Icon! Ekans says, "Ekans! Ekans! Ekaaannnnnsssss!" which means "I've won some awards!"

Ekans won an award!

Thanks! ^-^

Ekans In The Movies!

Yes, our beloved slithery friend graced the Pokemon world by doing a cameo in the popular movie "Mew Two Strikes Back!" Ekans has two scenes, both near the beginning of the movie. When Ash and Company take shelter from the storm(this is before they leave for Mew Two's Island) Ekans is seen twice. One time, he is slithering across the floor! The other, attention is being lavished on him by a Pokemon Trainer! These scenes are breif, so watch carefully!

Unfortunatly, Ekans does not play as large a roll in the American release of "Pikachu's Vacation." In the Japanese version there was a very nice shot of Ekans with other Pokemon in the credits. As the credits were cut in the American release, you won't see him anywhere ::sob::

In the new Pokemon Movie Ekans appears 13 times and speaks twice! Be sure to look for him and his other Ekans friends!

Gifts From Ekans:

Ekans is very generous and allows his image to be used on all sorts of Pokemon products!

My goal in life is to find a medium to large plush(or bean bag) Ekans toy, so if anyone knows where I can get one please e-mail me! Also, if you have any products(or know where I can find 'em) that feature Ekans prominently please e-mail me those, too!

Here are products that I have collected:

I have the Ekans/Arbok evolve set which includes two lovely figures of our favorite serpentine friend and his evolved form.

I have a three inch plastic toy of Ekans that was made in China.

A lovely Ekans window decal was given to me. Ekans is breathing fire, but that's beside the point....

My good friend Eileen gave me a glossy postcard of Ekans squeezing Caterpi. I also have a flip address book with this design.

A lovely Flipz Pokemon Card featuring Ekans turning into Arbok was found in my first(and only) pack of Flipz! Lucky me!

A plastic drinking cup was released in America and it features Ekans between Pikachu and Cubone.

The American Toy featuring Ekans with Jessie!

Ekans has his very own card in the first series of Pokemon Topps trading cards, as well as a foil card which he shares with Arbok. In the movie cards be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an Ekans sticker!

There was a small plush Ekans made as part of a battle set!

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