Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

Amelia is a Princess(her Father the fabled Phil-san) and a mage who uses mostly white magic. Once, she tried to get Lina to teach her the powerful Dragon Slave, but Lina refused afraid of what Amelia would do once she had learned the spell! Amelia is a bit reckless and very clumsy, but her heart is in the right place as she tried to use her magic to combat "evil" and bring justice to all parts of the world! She dreams of being a hero and always tries to do what is right. She is very enthusiastic.

Amelia's Age:

Amelia is 15 years old in the Slayers TV series, 16 in Slayers Next, and 17 in Slayers Try.

Amelia's Japanese Voice Actress, Masami Suzuki, also Did The Voice Of Chacha in Akazukin Chacha and Nina in Lost Universe among other things.


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