Gourry Gabriev

As Lina's best friend, romantic interest, self-imposed bodyguard, and loyal sidekick Gourry is one of a kind! He can consume almost as much food as Lina and posses a special magical power all his own - the Legendary Light Sword(hikari no ken). Though his IQ leaves much to be desired, Gourry's heart is big and full of love. Even when fighting bad guys he doesn't kill(unless they happen to be monsters!) and he tends to feel compassion for all living things. Insights suggest that Gourry is descended from the great Mipross Island Mage, Raudy, and his elfin love Mellyroon.

About Gourry's Age:

Gourry is in his early 20's through out all three seasons of Slayers.




Yasunori Matsumoto, Gourry's Japanese Voice Actor, Has Done the Following Voices(among others):

Phantom in Luna Varga
Shuukaidou in Please Save My Earth
Knight Gundam in SD Gundam
Kenji in Those Who Hunt Elves
Hayakawa Mitsuru in Kimagure Orange Road
Narcist Dandy in Lamune and 40 Fire
Anubis in Samurai Troopers
Borks in Legend of Crystania

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