The Seyruun Halloween Festival

By Eileen Ho, edited by Sarah Holding

It's few days until Halloween. Every one in Seyruun is very busy - like ants. You see, every year Seyruun has a Halloween Fair. Each year Seyruun tries to make that years fair better then the one before. Not to mention that people from near and far come to the fair each year. Hey, who wouldn't?!?! Games for the young ones to play.....shows for the adults to watch..... Everyone has fun at the Seyruun Halloween Fair!

*Lina: Come on Gourry! You're slow as a turtle! I really want to get to the Seyruun Halloween Fair! I heard that they have the best Halloween Fair around!
*Gourry: Umm...what did you say? I wasn't listening.
*Lina: ::sigh:: You know Gourry, you're just like a rock - very strong and very stupid.

(Gourry and Lina finally made it to Seyruun, but, wait!, their adventures have just begun!)

(Lina and Gourry look around the decorated streets of Seyruun.)

*Lina: I can't wait until tomorrow! There will be so many people in Seyruun. There will be so much excitement! Chotto! What is that?!

(Lina sees a cage. In the middle of the cage there is a rope tied around a shiny item.)

*Lina: Come on! This trap is for you, Gourry!
*Gourry: Why?
*Lina: Since I'm not that stupid enough to fall....Wait! ::peers into cage:: Is that's a unicorn horn! That's worth over 10,000 GP! I must have it!

(Lina goes into the cage and grabs the unicorn horn....andsprings the trap! Bars come down and trap Lina!)

*Lina: So I am that stupid....::sigh::.
*Gourry: Um....Lina.......I'm gonna go get something to eat. Don't go anywhere!
*Lina: Huh? Gourry! Get back here!
*Gourry: ::waving:: Bye Lina! Be right back! I'll bring you some fish!
*Lina: Argh! Figures that my magic dosen't work........

(Lina is then brought to a castle deep within the Seyruun forest.)

(In case you're wondering what Gourry is doing....)

*Gourry: Hey bar tender!
*Bar tender: What is it?
*Gourry: Have you seen this girl?

(Gourry gives him a piece of paper. Which has a drawing of Lina Inverse.)

*Bar tender: FOR GODSAKE NO! I would remember some one as ugly!
*Gourry: Aw.......and I drew it just like her!!!

(Gourry then thinks and thinks. Then he remembers!)

*Gourry: Okay, now I remember! Yesterday afternoon Lina got the unicorn horn. I went to get something to eat, then was looking at a cute dog. Then, when I came back, Lina and the cage were........GONE!?!?!? What can that mean?!?! Hmmm...maybe she was........kidnapped? But who would kidnap her? No one is that stupid....

(Now back to Lina.)

*Lina: How dare you kidnap me! Once Gourry finds me, you'll all be sorry! Hey you Mummy face! Untie me! I want to be at the Halloween Fair! And most importantly you took my unicorns horn!!!!!!!!!!!
*Mummy face: Will you shut up! You have been whining for hours and hours!
*Mummy face: Okay, that is it! I've had it! NOONSA COME OUT AND TEACH THIS GIRL A LESSON!!!
(Noonsa comes out)
*Noonsa: Okay, so you're the one who needs some punishment?!! (Lina stares at Noonsa.... Then she starts to laughing him. If you have no idea what Noonsa looks like, click here.
*Lina: Oh my god! You're Noonsa? What can you do?
*Noonsa: How dare you laugh at me....this requires extreme punishment!
*Mummy face: Noonsa don't do it! She's just a girl!
(Noonsa then goes to Lina and kisses her!)
*Noonsa: I think Im love! How 'bout it Lina? Will you run off with me?
(Then, all of the sudden, Gourry breaks down the door!)
*Lina: Hey, Gourry!
*Gourry: What?
*Lina: How did you know where I was?
*Gourry: I saw mummy face bring you here.
(Lina looks very, very annoyed.)
(Gourry gets Lina down.)
*Mummy face: How dare you escape!
*Noonsa: How dare you steal my girlfriend!
(Lina then casts a fireball, her magic having returned to her, and runs out into the forest, dragging Gourry along behind her. THUMP! Ouch! That hurts... Gourry just got rammed into a rock!)
*Mummy face: Oh, poor Noonsa! He got hit by a fireball! Oh well. At least he'll make a great dinner!

(When mummy face finally finishes eating Noonsa he asks a couple of bandits to capture Lina and Gourry.)

(Lina and Gourry, meanwhile, are walking in the Seyruun Forest.)

*Lina: You know you can come out know!
*Gourry: Huh?
*Lina: There are some bandits following us.
*Gourry: Huh?
*Lina: Some bandits want to kill us.
*Gourry: Huh?
*Lina: ::sigh:: Never mind.

(Lina and Gourry walked on and on.....That is until the bandits finally decided to come out!)

*Bandit Leader: Hey, you girl! Mummy face sent us to capture you. So if I were you....
*Lina: Yeah, whatever.
(Lina and Gourry keep on walking as though nothing has happened.)
*Bandit Leader: Hey! I'm least stop for a minute and listen to me....please....come on.........stop walking....PLEEEEAAASE!!!
(All of the sudden three teenage girls in a yellow, blue, and red sailor suits appear, dropping down through the foliage.)
*Lina: It can't be..........
*Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon!
*Lina: I knew it!
*Sailor Moon: ......and behalf of the moon I shall right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means......Oh my! Everyone's asleep!
*Sailor Mars: I told you to make the speech shorter. It's soooooo boring!
*Sailor Moon: ::pouts:: But I have to!!
*Sailor Mars: Then at least change it once and a while! And when you transform, you take forever too! Can't you just shorten the whole thing?
*Sailor Moon: ::beings to cry:: NO! I CAN'T! ::stops her ear spilting sobs:: And how about you? You take...
*Sailor Mercury: You know you should stop arguing! We need to save that girl! ::looks at Lina:: Oh my! She is so flat chested!
*Sailor Moon and Mars: Hey, Mercury you're right!
*Sailor Mars: And not to mention that she is so ugly - just like a gorilla!
(Lina is very mad now!)
*Gourry: Umm...Lina, please calm down....
(Gourry runs for cover.)
*All the bandits and Sailor Scouts: She is short for her age.......eats like a pig, I bet.......talks too much........flat chested....
*Leader of the Bandits: AHHHHHH! She's........she's that DRAGON SPOOKER LINA INVERSE!!!!!
*Lina: That's it! No one makes fun of me and gets away with it.....
*Gourry: Run! RUN!
*Lina: Darkness between twilight
Crimson beyond blood that flows
Buried in the flow of time
In thy great name
I pledge myself to darkness
All the fools who stand in our way
shall be destroyed
By the power of you and I posses....
(Guess what happens next? =)

(Finally, after a long journey in the forest, Lina and Gourry make it back to the Seyruun Halloween Fair. Even thought the fair is almost over.....)

*Lina: Finally we're at the fair!
(Lina then walks to a booth and buys a Hagen Daz bar)
*Lina: Okay, we can go home now.
*Gourry: You mean that we went throughout all of that so you can buy a Hagen Daz bar?
*Lina: NO! It's not just any Hagen Daz bar! It's a Seyruun Special Halloween Hagen Daz bar!
*Gourry: I don't believe it........
(Lina takes a big bite of her ice cream.)
*Lina: Mmmmmmmm.........
*Gourry: Can I at least have a bite?
*Lina: NO!
*Gourry: ::sigh::



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