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[Cute Lina] It is a world of fantasy, where magic rules and monsters lurk around every corner. A world of dragons, knights, and wizards. Good versus Evil; Light versus Dark. A world populated with Heroes and Villains.

There's cute little Lina, a fireball-throwing sorceress who steals from the wicked and gives to herself. Gourry, a handsome mercenary swordsman who is as loyal as a man's best friend, but not quite as smart. The mysterious Zelgadis, who is sometimes foe, sometimes friend. Rezo, the great humanitarian sage, who isn't at all what he appears. Shilfiel, a shy, flame-arrow throwing girl from Gourry's past. The estranged Martina, who is at first an enemy, then an annoying friend. Amelia, who wants nothing more than to fight evil in the name of justice(she's a bit clumsy, however.) Filia, a young golden dragon with absolutely no sense of humor. Naga, whose laughter is more frightening than any of her dark magics. And, finally, Xellos, the mysterious priest.

The fate of the world rests in Lina's hands, and she'll face everything from easily spooked dragons to maniacal beserkers in her quest for treasure. Grab your sword and shield and join Lina as she saves the world while increasing her loot in one wild adventure!

[Lina and Treasure]
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[Dragon][dragon] I'd like you all to meet Christopher & Alfred named for you-know-who(at least, those of you who have seen Slayers Next know =) You'll see them lurking around my pages, keeping an eye on everything! Wanna adopt some dragons like them? Go here!
Why dragons you may ask? Well, I'll give you 4 good reasons:

1. Lina is a "Dragon Spooker," so no dragon will dare harm her!
2. Lina's favorite spell is...all together now......DRAGON SLAVE!
3. Dragons are just plain cool and really, really cute! ^-^
4. Filia will be happy to have some of her own kind around, even if they aren't Golden Dragons!


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