Martina, along with her father, plotted to capture Amelia. Lina, along with Gourry and Zelgadis, saved Amelia then used the Dragon Slave to destroy Martina's castle and the surrounding town. Enraged, Martina ran off and learned magic so that she could take revenge on Lina. Later, Martina joins forces with Lina and company. Martina is fickle in her love affairs, obsessed with whatever man she happens to see first that day. At the beginning of the series she is hung up on Zelgadis, but her interests switch to Gourry and even Xellos as the series progresses!

Martina's age is unknown. Her voice is done by Mifuyu Hiiragi who has done the following roles:


Rumia in Pretty Sammy TV
Millenium Feria Nocturn in Lost Universe
Fatora in El Hazard

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