Naga's actual relationship with Lina is unclear, but we know that they knew each other for a time before the Slayers Special began. Naga is a sorceress whose insane laughter is often more frightening than her powers. She is, however, a very good mage skilled in the arts of black magic. Often she teams up with Lina to defeat nefarious monsters(often, Lina keeps the reward) Naga doesn't wear many clothes(fashion challenged?) and has an obsession with eating lollipops.

Naga's Age:

Naga is rumored to be 17 or 18 in the Slayers Specials and Movies.

Naga's VA is Maria Kawamura who also done the following roles:

Tamasaburou in Saber Marionette J
Flair in Saint Seiya
Mamiya Chida and one of the Shadow Girls in Utena
Ryouko Miyazaki in Tinkerbell After School
Sakura in Genji
Cleopatra in Cleopatra DC
Asuka's Mother in Evangelion

Many thanks to Katherina and JalaLina for information on Kawamura-san!




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