Slayers Royal!

System: Sega Saturn/Playstation
Price: About $65-$70 In America
Available in Japanese Only

About this Page: This page contains a brief write-up about various aspects of the Slayers Royal Game of the Sega Saturn. There is a link to another site dealing with the game as well as a write up form my friend, Eileen, about the game. I'm afraid I don't have anything on Slayers Royal II, because I have not played it. Also, this write-up focuses on the Sega version. I don't know if the PS version is different or not.
If you are interested in seeing this game brought to the US and put out in English, please go here.

Game Play

Game play in this is fairly simple. You follow a pre-determined course with monsters, towns, events, and so on evenly spaced. No matter how many times you play this game you will fight battles in the exact same locations and find that certain events are unavoidable(like Naga running off =)


Conversations are very basic. Use the A and C buttons to move on to the next conversational block. Use the D-Pad to select things(then press A or C) and use the B button to cancel or bring up menus. It's fairly simple. It helps to know some Japanese(numbers mainly) when conversing in towns as you can buy various items(standard rpg fair - items, weapons, armor, etc...) You haggle with the shop clerks in some cases. The nice thing is you don't have to equip weapons and the like after purchasing them - the game does it automatically. Your best bet is just to play around with the controls and see what you get.....everything will become more familiar with time.

When In Town

There are several places to go in towns.The usual places are:

Inns - Self explanatory. You go here to rest.
Shops - You go here to buy things. Most of the stuff(weapons and armor included) are pretty junky, but it's fun to haggle with the clerks.
Restaurants - See Lina buy food. See Lina eat food. Leave, then come back in and buy more food for Lina to eat ^-^
Special Buildings - Most towns have some sort of random building or market or street(something!) which you can go to and talk to the people.
Main Street - You must be on Main Street in order to leave town. Play around with the menu commands and you'll figure out how to get here. From the Main Street you can leave town.

Tip: If you wish to talk someone point the eyeball directly at their lips. The eye is a bit picky and sometimes this will take several tries. Remember to talk to people more than once as what they have to say may change.


Real time mode is kind of annoying. You turn it on with the Z button and off with the B button. You get used to it eventually.
All of the characters in your party are easily recognized. So are the enemies, which appear in "herds." My particular favorites are the Noonsa's ^-^
All characters, except Gourry, can use Magic. At the bottom of the screen appears a little bar-like thing with everyone's hit points and magic points. MP's refill on their own(slowly), but HP's can only be regained through healing spells(check Amelia.) Sometimes you will see a little bubble near one of the characters. This means that they can not cast magic during this round of game play. These things go away at different times. For example, Lina can cast more spells in an allotted time than Amelia, but if Lina is hit with an enemy spell she will be slowed down, which means Amelia may be able to cast more spells. You follow? =)

This is just a basic overview of the battle mode. If you are actually playing the game and need more help check out Xelloss' Slayers Royal Site. If that site doesn't work go here and try to find your way there! ^-^

A Write up on Slayers Royal by my friend, Eileen Ho(who rambles terribly in this =):

This is based on the popular series in Japan called Slayers. In this game, it features, of course, Lina Inverse, Naga, Zelgadis, Ameria(Amelia), Shillifa, and a new character Luke.
I really don't know any Japanese, so it's kinda hard for me to tell you about this game. Not to mention I haven't finished the game yet, but I'll do my best. The first thing I have to say is that this game is kinda like an anime show. I mean, there is a theme song ("Touch Yourself") and, at times, in the game you see the characters animated and talking, just like any cartoon. I really like the fact that the voice actors of the characters in the anime series also do the voices in the game. The only American game that comes close to this is the Theme for Wild Arms, but it is musical and the Slayers Royal theme is vocal. In Slayers Royal the characters are animated like cartoons, rather than the polygons found in Final Fantasy VII(another game with good graphics)
To me, this game is more like Final Fantasy Tactic, Ogre Battle, War Craft, Dragon Force, etc. type of game instead of an RPG. Overall, I really like this game. Then again, I like most games, and I am really an obsessed with Slayers.... but I think this game is good. I mean, before I bought the game I thought it was going to suck from what I heard, but it turned out to be much better then I thought.
Anyways, in EMG2 #40, Slayers was in second on the top ten list in Japan. Pretty good, since Final Fantasy was #1 for a month and is never on the top ten list anymore.
PLEASE I BEG YOU TO WRITE TO SEGA AMERICA to ask them to release this game in the U.S. I heard that they might. PLEASE, I really want an American version, since I do not know a single word of Japanese.

For more information about bringing Slayers to the US go here.

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