Xellos is the most powerful evil priest on the planet. That's right. Evil. Way back when Shabranigdo ruled the earth he had five generals. One of these generals, Beastmaster, had a single servant; Xellos. A long time ago Xellos was sent to destroy all of the Golden Dragons(hence why Filia does not like him.) Xellos is more powerful than Lina or Zelgadis.

Xellos' Age:

Xellos is over 1,000 years old(though not by much ;)

Akira Ishida, The Japanese Voice Actor Of Xellos, Has Also Done The Following Roles:

Jinno Takumi in Combustible Campus Guardess
Nagisa Kaoru in Evangelion
Tsuchiya Kei in Marmalade Boy
Seiya and Herb(the dog in an early episode =) in Nurse Angel Ririka SOS


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