Zelgadis Greywers

Related to Rezo The Red Priest(a.k.a. Shabranigdo) Zelgadis is a powerful sorcerer and swordsman. However, Zel was unhappy with his skill and wished for more power. Rezo heard him and granted his wish, turning Zelgadis into a "chimera"; a creature whose body is made of stone. Enraged, Zel sought for a way to change back while pretending to serve Rezo. Zel is somewhat fickle in his loyalties - He served Rezo, but, when it was convient, he sided against Rezo with Lina. Later, thinking that he could return his body to normal by use of Bible of Zoma, he turned against Lina, Gourry, and Amelia, only to later side with them when he learned that his employer had lied to him.

Zel's Age:

Zel is 18 in Slayers TV series, 19 in Slayers Next, and 20 in Slayers Try.

Hakaru Midorikawa, the Japanese Voice Actor of Zelgadis, Has Also Done the Following Parts:

Paikuuhan in Dragonball Z
Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi
Tochizawa in Here is Greenwood
Rukawa Kaede in Slam Dunk
Reydon in Legend of Crystania
Fiore in the Sailor Moon R Movie
Michael Grant in Marmalade Boy
Rael in Fam and Iri: Ruin Explorers
Yuy Heero in Gundam Wing
Jifa in Maze(TV series)
Souji Mikage of Utena
Faust in Saber Marionette J

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