Can't Take It Anymore!


One day Hiroya decides that he wants to be like Takashi and do things his own way! During the summer vacation of his sixteenth year Hiroya comes up with a plan to drop his "straight A" image. This is how he and Masaki suddenly became close friends.....

Can't Take It Anymore!(Yatteranneze!) is the story of two boys, Hiroya Fujimoto and Takashi Masaki.

Hiroya is an honor student who is respected by his peers because of his intelligence and good grades. However, Hiroya isn't very happy. More and more he finds himself watching his fellow classmate, Takashi, and becoming jealous of the independant style and charisma of the boy.


One day, Hiroya goes to the barbers shop and gets his hair cut and styled in a drastic new way! On his way out he runs into Takashi and the two go out and go shopping!

Hiroya buys Takashi a gift - a pair of ruby earrings. Takashi offers to give one of the earings to Hiroya and then procedes to pierce his ear.

The two then share their first kiss.


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Yatteranneze! is written by Akizuki Koh and illustrated by Koide Mieko.

It ran more or less monthly in Chara magazine, a monthly yaoi anthology.

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