As far as I know there aren't any other Yatteranneze! pages in English so here is a list of general Yaoi links for you!

If any of these links are broken please e-mail me at and let me know.




Silver Rayne's Kinetic Realm - This place has everything!

Eternal Sanction of Inspiration - Original art and stories, downloads, fanfics, etc... Yaoi and Slash

Eros - Art, fanfics, doujinshi, etc....

Web Rings

Legend of the Flame - A webring for yaoi, slash, yuri, shonen ai, hentai, and etchi sites

Far off Dawn - A Gundam Wing Yaoi Web Ring

The Yuri Webring - A webring for yuri(girl/girl) sites

Zetsuai/Bronze Webring - Ring dedicated to one of the most famous(at least in the USA) yaoi series

The Yaoi Fanfiction Ring - Name says it all.....

RPG Yaoi Fanfics Webring - Yaoi RPG pages! Mostly Final Fantasy.....


Intrinsic Desires - Yaoi/slash fanfics for Weib Kruez, Virus Buster Serge, Final Fantasy VII, and more!


Yaoi-con 2001 - The first ever Yaoi convention right here in San Francisco!


What is Yaoi? - In case you're wondering =-)

Open Your Mind - A yaoi/yuri banner campaign

I Dream of Yaoi... - Lots of Weib ::drool::

Devotion to Gundam Love - Has lots of Yaoi fansubs and raw tapes and will trade or copy!