More on the Story....

Yatteranneze! is more of a romance than a hardcore Yaoi story. Because of this it has received some rather unfavorable reviews. Many American Yaoi fans were upset because there were not a lot of sex scenes and "the main characters spend more time touching themselves than they do each other."

Yatteranneze! is the a coming of age story and is more like a shoujo drama than anything else. It deals with the triumphs and tragedies of youth and young love. This is Hiroya-kun's story. You watch him struggle to accept his feelings for Takashi and you watch as he grows and changes, becomes a little bit tougher, a little bit wiser. You watch as the two quarrel and make-up. You watch as other men(and women!) interfere in their relationship.

This is a Yaoi story - there's no doubt about that - but it's one that deals more with the emotional and psychological relationship between these two young men. If you're looking for a story with lots of physical stuff I suggest you look elsewhere.