**Please ignore any mistakes(in fact, please e-mail me about them!) Japanese is not my first language.**

Volume 1

Prologue - First published in Chara, October, 1995

This is the story of how Hiroya and Takashi met. The story starts out with Hiroya(looking very different!) watching Takashi play soccer. Hiroya envies Takashi because he is so good and sports and obviously popular. Later that day Takashi, literally, runs into Hiroya and after that Hiroya-kun can't seem to stop thinking about him. After school Hiroya goes to "Hair Salon Maki" were Takashi works. He asks Takashi to do something different with his hair. Takashi then takes him shopping to buy some new clothes. They go out to eat and agree to meet the next day. Hiroya waits for hours, but Takashi never comes. Hiroya passes out because he sat in the sun too long and is helped by a Chisato Maki. Maki recognizes him and brings him Takashi's apartment. Takashi apologizes and he and Hiroya get to talking. They share a close moment, but Hiroya pulls away and leaves. Afterwards, Hiroya decides to buy Takashi a present. He buys a pair of ruby earrings. He takes them to Takashi and Takashi offers to pierce one of Hiroya's ears. Hiroya lets him and the two talk. One thing leads to another and they share a kiss. Hiroya panics when Takashi takes off his belt, but the two begin to feel each other up. After the fact, Hiroya is embarrassed and runs off. At home he can't stop thinking about what happened and is ashamed of the fact that just thinking about what happens excites him. Hiroya surprises Takashi by showing up at his apartment the next day. They talk and Hiroya kisses Takashi.

Act 1 - The Pierced Earring of Ruby, First published in Chara vol. 2, 1994

The story begins with Takashi and Hiroya having lunch. Takashi makes some advances, but Hiroya turns away. Takashi ends up in bed with Kanae Saita(Maki's roommate?). Hiroya comes to Takashi's apartment and they begin to fool around. In the middle of things Saita walks out of Takashi's bedroom and sees the two of them together and makes a lewd comment. Hiroya is embarrassed. Takashi goes to take a shower, leaving Hiroya and Saita alone. Saita puts the moves on Hiroya and Takashi punches him. The two get in a big fist fight. A truce is called but then Saita kisses Hiroya which makes Takashi angry.

Note: I'm a little confused about where they are and whose involved - the name plate says "Chisato Maki" but the character is Saita. Also, if they're at Maki's apartment why would Hiroya come there?

Act 2 - Trouble Mission[The First Part], First published in Chara vol. 3, 1995

The story starts with Takashi and Hiroya playing pool. Hiroya is later ambushed by Kanae Saita and a group of his friends. Takashi sees them and they end up taking Hiroya and Takashi bowling(Hiroya ends up paying) Takashi gets jealous and ends up ignoring Hiroya. Hiroya is depressed(he's thinking of Takashi) and Saita sees him standing alone. He offers to give him a ride. As he gets in the car Takashi happens to walk by. He sees them drive off together.

Volume 2

Act 2 - Trouble Mission[The Latter Part], First published in Chara vol. 4, 1995

Saita and Hiroya go to a bar and Saita buys him a drink. Back home, Takashi is getting angry about Saita and Hiroya. He decides to go get Hiroya. Saita and Hiroya leave the bar(Hiroya is wasted) and get into his car. A few minuets later Takashi arrives looking for them. In the car Hiroya is passed out and Saita begins to unzip Hiroya's pants. This wakes Hiroya up and he panics. He and Saita argue and Saita wraps his hand around Hiroya's throat and begins to squeeze. Suddenly, Takashi appears on the hood of the car holding a big, metal pipe. He threatens Saita who lets Hiroya out of the car. He then drives away. Takashi yells at Hiroya, scolding him for his behavior, and then pulls him into a tight embrace and kisses him.

Act 3 - Shocking BOMB, First published in Chara in July 1995

Hiroya, Takashi and some other guys are at a movie theater watching a porno film. Afterwards Hiroya and Takashi go out for ramen, then back to Takashi's apartment. They begin to make out and things get very serious. Takashi does something that upsets Hiroya and Hiroya tries to leave, but Takashi stops him. Hiroya slaps his lover and runs out. At the elevator Hiroya runs into a group of men who make fun of him because his fly is open. They try to hustle him out of the building with them, but Takashi shows up and stops them. He acts a little too possessive and Hiroya hits him again. One of the guys make a nasty comment and Takashi punches him right as a cop walks by. Maki helps him out and the two discuss Takashi and Hiroya's relationship. This makes him upset and Takashi runs out, crying. He goes to Saita's place and ends up making love to him. Hiroya is very depressed and is at home looking at magazines that he stole from his sister. His sister comes to get them back(apparently he didn't ask before he borrowed them) and the two start to talk. Hiroya goes to take a shower and remembers the sexual stuff that happened with Takashi.

Act 4 - The Day Summer Ended, First published in Chara in February, March & April of 1996

Saita calls Hiroya and says he wants to meet with him. He picks him up and takes him out to dinner and then to a night club. Hiroya is shocked to see Saita kissing both men and women at the club. Saita takes Hiroya(who has once again passed out from drinking too much!) up to a hotel room. He takes all of Hiroya's clothes off and proceeds to have some fun with him. However, he's disheartened when Hiroya doesn't wake up. Suddenly, Hiroya grabs him and kisses him without realizing who he is. Hiroya realizes that he's kissing Saita and then passes out again. Saita then takes off his clothes and goes to bed next to Hiroya without doing anything with him. Hiroya wakes up naked next to naked Saita and freaks out. He quickly gets dressed and runs out. He goes to Takashi's and apologizes. Crying, Hiroya tells Takashi about waking up next to Saita. Pissed, Takashi calls Saita and yells at him. He then grabs Hiroya and kisses him. The two of them make love. Hiroya gets upset about things and runs off again, but this time Takashi corners him on his way out and the two of them argue. Takashi forces Hiroya to kiss him and they talk and Takashi tells Hiroya how much he cares for him. Hiroya brings his homework over to Takashi's and tries to study, which is impossible. Hiroya leaves his books and after he leaves Takashi picks up the books and tries to study. Maki walks in on him and his shocked("Takashi is studying!?")

Volume 3

Act 5 - The School Wars Now Begin!, First published in Chara in June, 1996

Hiroya goes to school for the first time since changing his look and everyone is shocked! He's feeling pretty low until he runs into Takashi and discovers that Takashi has pierced his ear with the other ruby earring. One of Hiroya's teachers sees him walking with Takashi and realizes that Takashi is the cause of Hiroya's sudden change. The teacher shoves Hiroya and hurts him(I don't think he meant to harm him) and Takashi appears and hits the teacher in the back. He then picks Hiroya up and carries him to the infirmary. Hiroya apologizes for upsetting the teacher, much to Takashi's distaste. Takashi tries to join in a student government(?) meeting but things don't go well. There is then more chaos in the classroom(I'm not exactly sure what's going on here =-p

Act 6 - Step by Step, First published in Chara in August, September and October of 1996

Act 7 - The Tightrope Day, First published in Chara in December, 1996

Act 8 - The Secret of the School Clinic, First published in Chara in February, 1997

Volume 4

Act 9 - The Photo Scandal, First published in Chara in April, 1997

Act 10 - ZIGZAG Kiss, First published in Chara in June, 1997

Act 11 - Ren-ai 1on1, First published in Chara in August, 1997

Act 12 - Love is a Mystery...?, First published in Chara in December, 1997

Volume 5

Act 13 - The Bad News, First published in Chara in February, 1998

Act 14 - Sleepless Nights, First published in Chara in April, May and June, 1998

Act 15 - Exit, First published in Chara in August, 1998

Volume 6

Act 16 - Good Morning, First published in Chara in December, 1998

Act 17 - How to Make Your Happiness, First published in Chara in February, March and April, 1999

Act 18 - Blue Christmas, First published in Chara in June, 1999

Volume 7

Act 19 - New Year Party, First published in Chara in August, 1999

Act 20 - Hip Hop Hokkaido, First published in Chara in December, 1999

Act 21 - The Earnest vs. The Honest, First published in Chara in February, 2000

Act 22 - Step-up in Spring!, First published in Chara in April, 2000