Takashi & Hiroya

Name: Takashi Masaki

Age: 16

Blood Type: O

Birthday: April 3

Lives: By himself

Siblings: Unknown

Personality: Independent, social, energetic,
strong, popular. Takashi is very trendy and
has lots of friends. He is very street wise and
can fight when the occasion calls for it. He is
very protective of those he cares about and can
be controlling at times. He doesn't always think
before he speaks. Though generally kind and good
natured Takashi often hurts those who love him
without meaning to because he is unreliable. He is good
at sports.


Name: Hiroya Fujimoto

Age: 16

Blood Type: Unknown

Birthday: June 19

Lives: At home

Siblings: Two sisters

Personality: Quiet, withdrawn, intelligent, sensitive,
cautious, sentimental and, very often, confused and
uncertain. Hiroya is popular among the intelligent kids
at school, but doesn't have very many close friends. He
idealistic and always looks for the best in everyone. He
is kind of a wimp and often lets others pick on him
or use him even though he knows it's wrong. Hiroya
quickly jumps to conclusions and makes assumptions
easily. He is easily hurt by the cruel words and actions
of others