Welcome! This is, ahem, The Silver Bullet (you read the sign, didn't you?) and *I* am Celes Star, your host.

Please remove all crosses, crucifixes, and other holy items during your stay. Silver Bullets are allowed(and recommended ;-) But please refrain from shooting any of my employees unless absolutely necessary!

You're probably asking yourself, "Just what is The Silver Bullet?"
Well, it's a library of a sort. Or maybe it's a bar. Well, just think "vault of information."
As it is, grab a drink(or you can purchase one from our fully stocked bar) and relax. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask our knowledgeable staff members, found throughout The Silver Bullet.
And above all else - Enjoy!

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Every good Dungeon needs a rat! This is Mortimer, my new pet =-)

He was adopted from The Knights of the Ring, a team in The Site Fights!

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