Celes Star's Opinions on Anita Blake

Favorite Book: Obsidian Butterfly

Why: Edward. 'Nuff said.

Former Favorite Book: The Killing Dance

Why: It's a conclusion to the Anita/Richard/Jean-Claude triangle. It's a damn good conclusion at that. Anita picks one guy over the other, but you know that Richard isn't out of the picture yet. This book solves one problem(partially) and opens up windows of opportunity for stories yet to come. Another reason why I liked this book was because the love triangle actually came to an end. Lots of authors(of both books and TV shows) give something like this a time limit then drag it out forever! LKH wrapped this up quickly and splendidly.

Least Favorite Book: Bloody Bones

Why: I don't know. I've re-read this whole series multiple times, however, Bloody Bones has been the one book I just can't make it through when I re-read it.

Favorite Character: Edward

Why: Edward is cool. He's got the guns, he's got the looks, he's got the brains, and he's got the skill. Assassin's without a conscience usually come off as cardboard cut out's, but Edward has a real feel to him. Something tangible. Also, he has a wicked cool past that makes absolutly no sense, but I'm sure we'll come to understand in the future.

Least Favorite Character: Valentine

Why: There's something utterly annoying about him. He whines, maybe?

Favorite Quote: "I've felt a brush of soul before - that wasn't it."

Favorite Scene: Anything with Anita and Edward. They are too cool when they are together. Especially when they are trying to out maneuver one another. (Guess that means all of "Obsidian Butterfly," eh?)


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