Welcome! I'm glad you accepted my invitation and came to explore my castle!


We've been having some problems with the lighting recently.... A word to the wise: Never trust a wizard! Just look at all the shimmery sparkles flying around this place! We managed to clean up the other parts of the Castle, but the entry way remains a web of mysterious glowing lights......

Oh, well. At least it's pretty ^-^

Lets continue the tour....

Where would you like to go first?

The Map Room - Don't feel like aimlessly wandering through the Castle? Then go here my friend!

The Record Room - Here you will meet Willia, a fairy, and with her help you will dig through the Castle building records and answer the burning question, "So what's new, anyway?"

The Forest- To go here we must venture from the Castle. If we head to the east, away from the sea, we will encounter a very special forest. What's so special about this forest you ask? Well, it's colder to the east and the outermost trees are covered with snow. However, this is a Unicorn's Forest, where it is never winter. I have glimpsed her upon occasion, a beautiful beast with a long flowing mane. Could she be The Last Unicorn?

The Garden - Ah, my garden is home to a variety of plants. There are many secrets in my garden. The flowers mark a path which has lead visitors to other worlds..... A strange girl with blond hair wearing a sailor outfit once referred to it as the Garden of Anime.

The West Tower - The west tower is inhabited by a powerful young sorceress of noble blood. She's a bit mad, they tell me, but she is a wonderful artist. She is a librarian in her own way, for she catalogues the adventures of her family in Amber.

The Dungeon - If you dare, descend into this mad realm. Here you will find Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies..... They were imprisoned here centuries ago by one of my ancestors. The wards wore off and the monsters began to wander out of the dungeon and into the Castle! To solve this problem I hired The Executioner herself, Anita Blake!

The Tomb - In the heart of darkness, among the spider webs blossoms a forbidden love between children of two rival clans. Watch as Sasha and Cash of Kindred: The Embraced meet secretly!

The Library - Books, books, books and more books! All on poetry! On the ceiling on the floor even in the fire place(don't worry, they're flame proof! =-) Come on in and check out all the...pencils? This isn't your ordinary library!

The Arcade - This is where I go when I'm bored! Why? Well, there are all sorts of Role Playing Games I like to play on my Playstation and Nintendo and they're kept here! Come check it out!

The Bedroom - Ah, here is where I lay my cyber self to sleep with visions of anime and guinea pigs and.....well, why don't you visit for yourself?

The Trophy Room - Here is where the Awards my Castle has won are kept! Be careful not to break anything!


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Please visit my Castle again soon!



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